In all the activities carried out home and abroad, Sertek Inşaat is aware of its social responsibilities, contributes to production, is aware of indispensable necessity of health and safety and aims to create this culture, and has adopted the following as its principle;

  • By predicting potential hazards in the working environment; to take the necessary precautions in this regard and to remove the risks at the source or to reduce to an acceptable level,
  • By taking preventive measures against occupational accidents and occupational diseases; to ensure the creation of healthier, safer, more effective and productive working conditions,
  • By following technological developments and innovations; to review all equipment in the working environment, to perform all relevant periodic tests and measurements on time,
  • To inform its employees and to gain awareness on safety culture by giving trainings about health and safety issues with the principle of improving the Occupational Health and Safety Activities continuously,
  • To ensure that all staff from the workers to the senior management comply with the current administrative regulations on Occupational Health and Safety legislation.

As the Sertek Inşaat family, our primary target in every activity we have started is zero occupational accidents and occupational diseases. For achieving this goal, we commit in the name of all of our employees that we will provide support in planning, implementation, control, cooperation and training at every stage of our activities and we will never compromise from our innovative, reliable and stable position.